Jacob Arabo brings a profound artistic vision to his designs at Jacob & Co.

jacob-araboFor thirty years, Jacob & Co.’s jewelry and timepieces have become distinguished for being among the most daring and bold masterpieces in the world. Jacob Arabo, designer and founder of Jacob & Co., is an artist at heart. His award-winning, innovative, and highly technical watches are crafted in Geneva / Switzerland – employing century old techniques, and his distinctive jewelry pieces are museum-worthy.

Arabo discovered his love for jewelry design at age 16, after enrolling in a course. Right away, he displayed signs of what would later become a well-known penchant for pushing the boundaries of design, along with a constant quest for the unique. Jacob quickly became the star pupil. In fact, his teachers were so impressed that they urged him to leave after only four months, to start his own business. Jacob Arabo soon operated a booth in New York’s bustling Diamond District and began designing for various jewelry labels and private clients. Five years later, in 1986, Jacob & Co. was founded and now has global distribution from New York, London and Paris, to Moscow, Hong Kong and Dubai.

“Behind the striking designs, found within the collections at Jacob & Co., are traditional craftsmanship techniques, including the exacting art and science of gem cutting and polishing”, Jacob Arabo explains. He is fond of clear shapes, geometric lines, and contrasts. His gemstones are among the rarest in the world, ranging from the pure, perfectly colorless Golconda diamonds of India, to precious colored stones from Africa and Brazil.

Take the extremely scarce and oversized 12.38ct fancy blue diamond for instance. It is internally flawless and mounted into a platinum ring setting, flanked by 2 fancy purple-pink natural emerald cut diamonds. The Splendors of Nature necklace is a unique masterpiece that showcases the full spectrum of diamonds, from white flawless to the rarest, fancy vivid color diamonds.

Jacob Arabo is considered a maverick in the industry, having constantly pushed the limits of technique, style, and innovation. In 2006, a revolutionary timepiece with a 31-day power reserve was unveiled, known as the Quenttin. With its seven mainspring barrels and vertical mounted tourbillion, it is now deemed legendary.

The brand Jacob & Co. has cultivated a unique following of devotees in the world of entertainment, politics, business, and sports. Arabo’s timepieces and jewelry collectors range from high society, royalty, and aristocracy, to musicians, athletes, and celebrities.

Arabo enthuses, “I love everything about what I do – from procurement, design, and manufacturing, to sales and marketing. In fact, my favorite part of the process is when the pieces are completed and my clients are happy. I’ve always been focused on customer service and that has led to turning my dream, to be a part of this industry, into a reality.”

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