Kim Kardashian Attends Jacob & Co.’s Palladium Collection Cocktail Launch

Written on:November 27, 2012
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Kim Kardashian Attends Jacob & Co.’s Palladium Collection Cocktail Launch

Kim Kardashian Attends Jacob & Co.’s Palladium Collection Cocktail Launch

New York, NY- Jacob & Co. is hailed as one of the more premium brands when it comes to fashionable timepieces and iconic jewelry collections. The company’s founder, Jacob Arabo, has been producing splendid masterpieces for more than two and a half decades. Times may have changed, but his keen eye for superior quality diamonds and gems only improved as years passed.

The bewitching jewelry pieces and elegantly-designed Swiss-precision watches have captured the attention of society’s hottest celebrities and industry leaders. Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Morena Baccarin, Tom Cruise, and Sir Elton John are just a few of the many hotshots, who seek the expertise of Jacob Arabo when in need of sublime pieces of art to complete their respective ensemble for special occasions such as red carpet events and high-class gatherings. With the release of The Palladium Collection, the jewelry brand’s list of first-rate clients will grow all the more bigger and brighter.

Jacob Arabo hosted an undeniably posh cocktail event with the release of his 2012-2013 Palladium Collection last September 13th, 2012. W Magazine’s jewelry and accessories director, Claudia Mata co-hosted the sparkling launch. Some of the notable personalities who graced this special occasion were Kim Kardashian, Stacey Keibler, and Carla Gugino. Some of the most stylish New Yorkers were also invited to take a peek at the ravishing creations made from Palladium, which are then adorned with divine diamond cuts and lovely gemstones. The jewelry masterpieces designed by Jacob Arabo come in rare lattice, chandelier, lace, and scroll designs. In every piece of jewelry showcased at the launch, you can see the sheer ingenuity and inventiveness of the designer. It is no wonder that experts and critics glorify him as one of the most talented creators of luxury watches and unique timepieces for Hollywood celebrities and society’s A-list.

Just like platinum and gold, palladium is one of the more precious of metals, as it features unmatched strength, reliability and utmost flexibility like no other. Although platinum is more commonly used in forging jewelry pieces, palladium was found to be 12% sturdier and even up to 40% lighter than platinum. For those who like their jewelry dazzling without too much weight, low-dense palladium offers that and so much more. Aside from being lightweight, Palladium is low-maintenance and tarnish-free. Pieces of jewelry made from palladium offer the luxurious look of platinum at half its price. This is undoubtedly one of the main selling points of palladium successfully making it a high-demand precious metal for jewelry making.

Everyone had a blast during the cocktail event celebrating the 2012-2013 Palladium Collection by Jacob & Co. Stacey Keibler, George Clooney’s girlfriend was even spotted trying out a gorgeous ring from the amazing collection of Palladium jewelries.

The items found, included in the Palladium Collection, are only available at Jacob & Co.’s flagship store in 57th Street Midtown East. Price range for each item is between $3,000 up to $100,000.

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